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Blue Shore Kitchen is a private chef, catering and food loving company founded by husband and wife duo Sam and Pilee Blue Sharoky. Located in Royal Oak, Maryland, we serve all of the Eastern Shore and Delmarva Peninsula, including, but not limited to, Talbot, Dorchester and Queen Anne Counties. Our mission is to share with others our love for incredible food, the process behind the dishes and ingredients, and its ability to bring friends and family together. We bring restaurant level and fine dining cuisine outside of the traditional restaurant walls to the comfort of your own home or venue, creating unique experiences and memories that last. Founded in the spring of 2018, Blue Shore Kitchen was born with a simple philosophy: top quality ingredients, prepared with love, bringing people closer together, one bite at a time. Let us help make your next event truly extraordinary!


Chef Sam Sharoky was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Tampa, Florida before attending culinary school in Florence, Italy after graduating high school. Training under Chef Andrea Trapani in Florence, Sam learned the fundamentals and skills of the professional kitchen and the basis of Italian cuisine which is: simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients at their prime. Sam, while still in culinary school, met his now wife Pilee Blue, who was also studying in Florence, while cooking at the James Beard House in NYC for an event. Upon graduating culinary school he moved to NYC to launch his career in the culinary world. Sam started out as a line cook, and over the course of 7 years, worked his way through several highly regarded NYC restaurants until he attained the title of Executive Chef at Parm. Sam has worked under several award-winning chefs, such as Top Chef winner Hung Huynh, Andrew Carmellini of NOHO Hospitality and both Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone of Major Food Group. After tying the knot in the Spring of 2017, Pilee and Sam decided that they wanted to settle down and relocate from the fast-paced lifestyle of NYC, with plans to eventually start a family. They fell in love with the Eastern Shore after spending holidays over the years with his family from the area. They decided that this was the place for them. Sam is currently the Executive Chef and part owner of Blue Shore Kitchen, where he applies his years of culinary expertise and passion for fresh and local ingredients to the menu and dishes Blue Shore Kitchen creates and offers.

Chef Sam


Pilee Blue Sharoky was born in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico to an American Father and a Colombian Mother. Unlike the tourist destination Cabo is today, during her childhood it was just a small fishing town, with very few commercial centers. Pilee and her family had their own garden and would fish daily, eating only local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. The kitchen was the center of everything in Pilee’s household, where friends and family came together to eat, drink, laugh and make memories. After high school, Pilee enrolled in school in Florence, Italy, where she was pursuing a degree in visual arts and communication. During this time she met her now husband, Sam, while heading the visual team for an event they both did at the James Beard Foundation House in NYC. After graduating from school in Florence, she moved to NYC. Pilee started out as a freelance photographer while working in retail, until she eventually made her way to heading up the public relations, marketing and communications department at a top high fashion designer house. Pilee fell in love with the Eastern Shore when she and Sam would visit Sam’s family from the area during holidays, as it reminded her a lot of how she grew up, with the abundance of nature and surrounded by water. Pilee is the Operations Director and part owner at Blue Shore Kitchen, where she pulls from her culinary saturated childhood and her expertise in visual arts and communication to head up the “front of house” operations of Blue Shore Kitchen, the jelly of the culinary PB&J sandwich.

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